Have you recently heard a song you've heard a million times before but now it sounds... different?
nobody wants to do anything anymore
Family get togethers become rushed. There's only time for the necessities. Games are left un-played. Remember birthday parties with activities? Today you hang out a bit, eat, do cake and presents, and the party is already over.
50's the new 40. 40's the new 30.
Old people used to look old. Young adults used to look old. Highschoolers look younger and younger. Days of unconstant length give years of unconstant length. Age number is relative.
Clock-Time is the splitting of the day/night into 24 equalities.

Do you know where your Clock-Time comes from? The buzzing harmonic oscilations of a time-crystal. Crystals dance to the rythym of the sun, and the moon drains their energy.
Lazy sun, Golden Era.
When the sun moves slowly, the trees grow tall and the people wake in the night to find things to do.
When the sun moves quickly, nap time is removed from kindergarten.
Entertainment is fast and cheap and reruns are plenty, in the days of the fast sun. In the days of the slow sun, intermissions and Moby Dick's happen.