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It's not just because we are getting older. Time is actually going faster, today. Or, more specifically, the day / night cycle is shorter today than it was in the past.

Anyone remember when it was encouraged by many to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner? Those days are litterally almost not talked about at all, I used to be able to eat like that, now i feel like I've gained a lot by just eating at lunch and dinner time. It's almost as if our bodies are starting to no longer be able to adjust to such eating routine as the day time is moving too fast for it...

Counting to a second using Mississippi doesn't work anymore
I remember as a kid my family had a big ticking clock in the living room and I remember staring at it and counting "one Mississippi, two Mississippi," etc and when the hand went a full round around the clock I said Mississippi 60 times which was what is supposed to happen.

But now I revisited the same clock and I sat down and did it because I remembered I did it when I was little. But now no matter how many times I counted one Mississippi two Mississippi it just didn't work. It was like the hand went 17-18 seconds more. I also tried it on a stopwatch and the same thing happens. Did time really speed up?

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I can now easily hold my breath for over 1 min. without taking any deep breaths before, whereas ~ ten years ago when I used to dive and practice holding my breath much more often, I had more struggle to clearly breach the 1 min. mark. At least usually on my first attempt. I don't understand why I can now hold my breath longer without any training, my lungs didn't grow in the last ten years and in general I smoked a lot not living a very healthy lifestyle. It feels like the moving of seconds I am used to is about 20-30% "slower" than the external time.

And to think that Millennials are purposely trying to look older by wearing giant dorky glasses, purposely unflattering haircuts, and dyeing their hair gray of all colors.

I can't even say Mississippi fast enough to keep up with the second hand now. What the hell. I just tried it and your right. I kept up for a few seconds, but then slowly got further and further behind, despite progressing to saying Mississippi so fast that it was slurring together and I was stumbling over the pronunciation.
That is definitely not how it was. There used to be time to properly say it well pronouncing each syllable well counting.